Custom Car Photo Studio Booths

Digital merchandising studios for cars, motorcycles, trucks and RVs.

MotorStreet® car photo studios come with everything you need to start producing your own car spin vehicle inventory. Our studios include (2) Nikon Z6 mirrorless cameras, an LED studio lighting system pre-programmed with a touch-screen DMX controller, and the Carousel USA vehicle turntable. It's backed with a 5-year warranty.

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Custom Photo Studio Booths

Since 2009, MotorStreet® has helped car dealerships, motor sports retailers, heavy construction, and RV dealers to automate and accelerate their inventory up to 5X faster.

We work with your DMS to automate your entire vehicle inventory including Homent, and vAuto. Take a look at our VDP integrations, too. We work with, Dealer On, Dealer Inspire, Dealer Spike and Jazel.

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Car Photo Studios: Getting Started (Zoom)

Sign up for one of our Zoom demos and learn what it takes to plan, build and operate a MotorStreet custom photo studio. We can build a 360 studio for most any sized space that measures 33' x 33' x 14' or bigger. We now offer custom turntables and lighting studios that can capture and automate 360 photography of heavy construction equipment, big trucks and RVs.

Powered by a Carousel USA turntable and a 5-year warranty, your MotorStreet photo studio is designed to hold up under heavy use and zero-downtime. Learn more and sign up for a MotorStreet Zoom demo.

360 Car Photography Workshop


The Entrepreneur 360 Award focuses on Innovation, Growth, and outstanding Customer Service. VPiX® was named by Entrepreneur magazine as one of the 360 "Best Entrepeurial Companies in America." MotorStreet® is the automotive division of VPiX®.

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Carousel Studio


All MotorStreet custom car photo studios feature the Carousel USA vehicle turntable. This is a direct, pin-gear drive with a 10,000 lb load capacity, suitable for cars, trucks and big Ford F-250s with Dually tires. Can be surface mounted or pit-mounted with a raised floor.

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We have large, custom vehicle turntables and studios for motorcycles, ATVs, heavy-duty trucks (Class 5-7), and RV's. Lead time for installing a new studio is averaging 7 to 10 weeks once your studio order is placed.

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Step Inside. Get Behind the Wheel.

For the first time, car dealers can shoot the inside of cars, trucks and exotic sportscars with our VPiX 4-shot 360° camera -- or with an all in one 360° model that shoots and stitches the panorama inside the camera!
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What's New @ MotorStreet®

If "off the shelf" isn't for you — we invite you to learn more about our personalized extras like custom 360 themes, built from scratch Websites, and the hottest new trend: Custom 3D Vehicle Showrooms.

Underlighting F/X

MotorStreet studios now include a vehicle underlighting system. Rechargable lighting rig lets you pick any color you want to make your sporty vehicles get real "WOW factor. A MotorStreet exclusive.

Custom 360 Themes

Tired of the same, car spin 360 theme that every other dealer has? Ask us about a custom theme as unique as your dealership is. Compatible with most DMS platforms and dealer websites. A MotorStreet exclusive.

3D Showrooms

No room for a MotorStreet custom car studio?  MotorStreet is Meta Verse ready. Let us design a custom 3D dealer showroom. Showcase your new car or truck inventory for pre-sale. A MotorStreet exclusive.

Schedule a 20-minute demo here
Schedule a 20-minute demo here