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360 Car Studio Photo Booths - Built to Order from MotorStreet®
Vehicle Turntables Carousel USA w/ 5-YEAR Warranty

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Carousel USA's most popular model
With CUSA 360 Web App and MC3 Automation


Flush mounted vehicle turntable model
With CUSA 360 Web App and MC3 Automation

Surface and Pit-Mounted Vehicle Turntables

Carousel USA turntables are available in both surface-mount and pit-mounted models. Our best selling vehicle turntable is the SSV55. It fits in any studio space that is 33' X 33' or larger. The vehicle platter can be finished with your choice of color and finish for the top coat such as gloss or matte finish. They come with a 5-year warranty against defects.

The MC3 controller and upgraded motor provides automatic capture of your vehicle inventory (car spins). Our premium 360 custom car photo studios include custom lighting and VDP integration with your IMS (vAuto or Homenet). We will integrate your MotorStreet 360 smart frame into your dealer Website.

MotorStreet 360 merchandising plays well with your website provider. We support, Dealer Inspire, Dealer Spike, Dealer On, Fox Dealer, Jazel, MXS Solutions and many others.

360 Car Studio

360 Vehicle Car Spins in less than 13 minutes

With MotorStreet's Custom Car Photo Studio, and the all new Carousel USA CUSA 360 Web app, you can capture a high-definition 360 vehicle car spin exterior, and the interior 360 in less than 13-minutes. Are you an exotic or classic car dealer? Ask us about our patent pending HDR capture upgrade.
Using the Carousel USA Web app, click the START button. The vehicle turntable turns and your DSLR camera captures 36 frames of the vehicle as it makes a full 360° rotation.
Using your iPad Mini, capture exterior/interior vehicle photos, including damaged areas of the vehicle.
Take your 360 Camera and place inside the vehicle. Cover the vehicle with the 9 X 14 white backdrop, and capture the HD panorama with the APP on your iPad mini.
4. MotorStreet LOG IN
Log into your MotorStreet Vehicle Portal.
Find the Stock # or VIN # vehicle record.
Upload the 36 frames (or the single walk around video) to the vehicle record.
Upload vehicle photos.
Upload interior 360 vehicle panorama
Insert the dealer branded NADIR
Click publish button.
Your VDP is updated instantly.

MotorStreet® Custom Car Photo Booth Studios

Unrivaled Quality and Innovation in Automotive Merchandising

MotorStreet® pioneered the 360 car spin revolution in 2009, setting a new standard in vehicle merchandising three years ahead of CARVANA. Now, a decade and a half later, with over 2,000 Carousel USA turntables installed worldwide, we proudly stand as the premier designer and manufacturer of custom car photo studios globally.

Our mastery in studio lighting, camera technology, and custom car photo studio design stems from a management team that boasts a legacy of excellence, including a former director from Eastman Kodak with a track record of crafting studios for titans like Walt Disney and Paramount. MotorStreet® stands at the forefront of 360 merchandising for car dealers, ensuring your vehicles are showcased in the best light.

Choose American-made strength and reliability with Carousel USA vehicle turntables, the heart of our car photo studio booth solutions. Each turntable is a testament to durable steel construction and is the only one on the market offering a 5-year, unconditional warranty. Encounter an issue? Our prompt replacement and repair service is just a call away.

MotorStreet®'s custom car studios with Carousel USA's surface-mount vehicle turntables can be set up in just a few days. Our 360-degree platform plays well with your (IMS) and automates your VDPs. Our custom car photo studios are proven to sell your vehicle inventory faster. Up to five times faster than with boring slide show photos.

As of 1 March, 2024 — car photo studio orders placed today, will ship in about seven to eight weeks.

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Car Dealerships, Retailers, Car Shows and Car Showrooms Permanent and Temporary Installations

Carousel USA model DX55SSV is a surface mount turntable. No excavation required. Our installer can install it in one day.
Turntable measures 3.25” tall and spans 19.75’ in width; diameter of rotating disk is 18’
Top surface comes powder-coated in RAL 7042 Grey Gloss (Cardinal P008-GR21) or White Texture (Cardinal C031-WH120)
Pit-mounted (in-ground) turntables available. Top surface choices range from any metal to masonry/concrete.
LInstallation requires an overall flat surface, but not necessarily level surface
UCan accomodate full-size SUVs and full size trucks including Chevy Silverado, Ford F25
U10,000+ lb. vehicle load capacity
PRamps are included

No Car Studio? No Problem!

If you're a small to mid-size automobile dealer or if you just don't have the building or space to put a car studio and turntable into -- there's a MotorStreet® kit for that.

Our entry level MotorStreet® kit features a mobile 360 capture kit that lets you create an exterior car spin and a 360° panoramic interior.    It's an affordable package with free shipping and expert, step-by-step training included.


vAuto or Homenet IMS Integration and VDP Automation

MotorStreet is all about supercharging your dealership's automation by integrating it seamlessly with Homenet and vAuto. Simply give us your Homenet or vAuto Dealer ID and we'll connect your MotorStreet vehicle inventory portal to your vehicle inventory, and update it overnight, while you sleep.

When you start your business day, morning your MotorStreet customer portal is automatically refreshed and updated with new and used inventory. It's almost like magic, but it's simply our commitment to efficient automation.

You no longer have to use Snap Lot or Digital Lot to capture vehicle photos. Simply drag and drop your new vehicle photos into your MotorStreet portal, and overnight — we will upload and sync your vehicle photo libraries on Homenet, vAuto and all of your connected (syndicated sites).

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