Car Photo Studio Booths

360 Car Studio Photo Booths - Built to Order from MotorStreet®
Vehicle Turntables Carousel USA w/ 5-YEAR Warranty

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MotorStreet® is simply the "better choice" for your car photo studio booths for three reasons.

  1. Our vehicle turntables are American Made and come with a 5-year warranty. No surprise expenses if your turntable ever needs parts.
  2. Off the shelf never works. Every car dealer has a different sized building. Some car dealers need to process 500 or more vehicles a month. Other car dealers need to market less than 100 vehicles. This is why MotorStreet® provides custom-tailored car studio photo booths and VDP integrations that will fit your 360 merchandising needs and your budget.

    All we need are a few measurements and a few photos of where you want to place your car studio, and our engineers will custom design a car photo studio booth and a vehicle turntable that fits your production needs and your budget. We can finance your booth purchase, too.
  3. Lighting is king. Before buying or leasing a discounted car photo studio booth, make sure you are comparing premium products. Ask for examples of vehicle shots using their booth and lighting. Look at some of the customers’ websites.

    Viewing the inventory page photos and VDPs will reveal the standard (overhead) tube-based lighting, creating a “Zebra” effect or lens-flares. Vehicles with cobalt blue come out looking “midnight black”.

    Our lighting engineers specialize in installing the same daylight balanced lights that delivered professional results for Eastman Kodak, Disney, and Paramount.


The CUSA Model 55 at a glance…

Just 3.5” tall and spans 19.75’ in width
Handles full-size trucks including Ford F-250
10,000 LB load capacity
Ramps included
Works on any flat surface
Turntable top coat comes in your choice of colors including gloss or matt finish.
5-year warranty, service + parts included
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Car Studio Vehicle Turntables

Options from $20,640 (+ shipping + install)
Monthly financing as low as $760/mo
car studio photo booth by MotorStreet 360
Motorstreet 360 Motorstreet 5 years warranty
Vehicle Turntable Only or Custom
  1. CUSA Model 55, 18” Surface-mount vehicle turntable. Customizable with your choice of color and finish for the top coat such as gloss or matte finish.
  2. Nikon D7500 cameras (2) mounted to a Manfrotto truss pole to give you that true Carvana-like exterior car spins.
    • Shoot one spin with the vehicle doors, trunk, hood closed.
    • Capture the 2nd spin 360 with the vehicle trunk, hood and doors open.
  3. Optional green-screen backdrop and upgraded MotorStreet® dealer branding module.
  4. Remote Project Management, programming & logistics.
  5. Remote training over Zoom and on-boarding for the MotorStreet® 360 car spin software.
  6. Integration of your 360 vehicle inventory into your existing, Dealer Inspire, CDK, Dealer Spike or other DMS, including V-Auto and Homenet integrations.
  7. MotorStreet iOS/Android app for quick, 3D walk-around inspections of used inventory with damage tag markup module.

Car Studio Photo Booths

Options from $99,500 (+ shipping + install)
Monthly financing as low as $2,790/mo
car studio photo booth by MotorStreet 360
Motorstreet 360 Motorstreet 5 years warranty
Our Best Selling Car Photo Studio
  1. CUSA Model 55, 18’ surface-mount vehicle turntable. We can customize the topcoat if desired in your choice of colors including gloss or matte finish.
  2. An infinity wall backdrop. This is modular and can be installed by your GC. You can go with any color including chroma green.
  3. A movie-production-grade lighting system that includes:
    • Customized plan for DIY 25' x 25' softbox & hanging assembly with electrical layout
    • 25' x 25' Chimera diffusion cloth, 1/4 grid, grommets around edge for lightbox
    • (9) Lightbox fixtures - daylight/tungsten, 13,300 lumens/fixture @ 6000 kelvin (119,7000 lumens total)
    • (15) Cyc wall wash fixtures - variable 3000-6000 kelvin
    • Simple touch screen DMX controls with customizable presets
    • Remote Project Management, programming & logistics
    • Remote training over Zoom and on-boarding for the MotorStreet® 360 car spin software
    • Integration of your 360 vehicle inventory into your existing, Dealer Inspire, CDK, Dealer Spike or other DMS, including V-Auto and Homenet integrations.
360 Car Studio

Car Spins in 5 Easy steps

Producing 360 car spins for your Website's VDPs takes only a few minutes per vehicle.
Press START button and turntable rotates the vehicle, Nikon Camera shoots 36 - 72 frames.
Shoot close up photos of VIN # decals, any damage, tires, accessories
For domestic cars/trucks, use the Ricoh Z1 and place in between seats or attach suction cup mount to sun roof.
If you do not have a well-lit booth, you should turn on a LUME cube and place under the seats to light up.
Use iPhone or iPad to capture the car interior 360 images.
4. MotorStreet® LOG IN
Log into your account. Create new vehicle, VIN#
Drag & drop images for slide show / close ups
Drag & drop images for exterior car spin
Drag and drop interior 360 panorama
Insert dealer logo NADIR, add call out buttons, links to schedule a test drive, car fax, etc.
Click Publish Button
The MotorStreet® api connects your 360 inventory to your DMS including or Dealer On website and automatically inserts your vehicle 360’s into your VDPs.


In a world of copy-cats, there's always an original. MotorStreet® is the original car spin platform, and we invented it in 2009.

In 2018, we stopped selling the cheap vehicle turntables and partnered up with Carousel USA. Working together, we now offer the world's best-in-class selling vehicle turntable that comes with a 5-year warranty that no other company can match.

Our patent-pending MotorStreet 3 platform goes live in January. MotorStreet 3 includes a new Green-screen module, and a MotorStreet LIVE sales video conferencing and markup tool for your sales team. It's a Zoom-like module that works inside the MotorStreet tour of your dealership. You can post it on any website, LinkedIn ad or Facebook post, too.

MotorStreet LIVE will put a whole new spin on your car sales.

Get a free demo today and we'll show you how to step on the gas and sell a lot more car inventory tomorrow.


No Car Studio? No Problem!

If you're a small to mid-size automobile dealer or if you just don't have the building or space to put a car studio and turntable into -- there's a MotorStreet® kit for that.

Our entry level MotorStreet® kit features a mobile 360 capture kit that lets you create an exterior car spin and a 360° panoramic interior.    It's an affordable package with free shipping and expert, step-by-step training included.


MotorStreet® API v.2.4 Now Available


(NEW: October, 2020). The MotorStreet® API was updated to version 2.4 and now works better with Homenet and other DMS platforms like, Dealer Spike, and others.

Our MotorStreet® iOS app will be available on the Apple Store soon. For smaller dealers without a car studio, you can walk around any vehicle, truck, RV, boat or heavy construction equipment and capture two videos. One with the doors, trunk hood closed and another with them open. You wanted a Carvana-like car spin experience and we heard you.

Like our MotorStreet SaaS VR platform, the iOS app (and Android version) will be a simple and fast way for anyone to shoot a 360 spin and publish it to your dealer's Website, syndication or social media post.

MotorStreet White Label Servers

If you need 360 car spins for insurance, or to drive custom iOS or android apps, or white label branding then you should consider MotorStreet SaaS licensing. For as little as $17,900 per year, MotorStreet can be installed onto your Linux CentOS server including AWS. Please contact your local MotorStreet dealer for details.

Trucks, RVs, Yachts and Social Ride Sharing

Unlike other platforms, MotorStreet stands alone when shooting 360 spins of just about anything. Since 1999, our 360-software platform has been used by luxury and exotic car brands, JAYCO, Fleetwood, Princess Yachts, OshKosh and the US Military.

Learn more and schedule a Zoom demo by clicking the button below.


Job Opportunities / Now Hiring

The automotive market is exploding with opportunities. There are over 43,000 automobile companies out there and none of them like Carvana or Vroom very much. Car dealers want to stay in business but they don't know how to get the 360 virtual tools to help them compete against the 800-pound gorillas out there. You can help them by becoming an independent MotorStreet sales rep.

We're looking for serious rainmakers. People from the automobile industry that understand what car dealers need.

If you have 5 years of experience or more in automotive sales and are motivated in making six figures in 2022, then give us a call:

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