About MotorStreet 360

MotorStreet®: The best car photo studios on planet earth.

MotorStreet® is an American multinational company, that specialize in the design and on-site installation of custom car photo studios for the automotive, motorsports, and RV industries.

With its headquarters in Monument, Colorado and additional operations across California, Georgia, and South Africa, MotorStreet® has established a formidable presence in the global market.

As of 1 May 2024, Carousel USA announced the *End-of-Life* for Iconasys software, including Shutterstream which used to control the MC3 and turntable.

In 2023, MotorStreet redesigned the control software for Carousel USA’s MC3 controllers and turntables into a sophisticated Web app, integrating advanced features like precise start-stop rotation and a patent-pend

All Carousel USA customers with the standard turntable and WiFi black & yellow tiger remote controller can save up to $5,000 right now by upgrading to the MC3 automated controller and CUSA360 app (which replaces Iconasys).

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MotorStreet® did it first.

In a world that's filled with copycats and "me-too" companies, only MotorStreet stands out as the first 360 car studio pioneer. We designed and installed our first custom car studio in 2009, setting the car photo studio standard three years ahead of CARVANA and five years before 360Booth.

Today, with over 2,000 Carousel USA turntables installed globally, MotorStreet proudly holds its position as the world's leading provider of custom car studios.

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Maintenance-Free Turntables

Carousel USA turntables are distinguished by their advanced control and safety systems, capable of detecting obstacles or misalignments. These systems automatically shut down the turntable to prevent accidents, ensuring operational safety. Moreover, Carousel USA turntables are virtually maintenance-free, unlike friction and belt-driven turntables which inevitably wear out and require frequent servicing.

Carousel turntables incorporate a pin-drive motor and are constructed with high-quality US steel components. The wheels are coated in high-density polyurethane to guarantee ultra-quiet operation. Additionally, the turntables feature corrosion-resistant finishes that enhance their durability and longevity.

Really BIG Custom Industrial Turntables

If you're looking for an industrial grade turntable for aircraft, military tanks, have construction equipment or spacecraft... there is only turntable manufacturer on planet earth with proven experience at getting the job done: Carousel USA.

Designed, engineered and built to order, Carousel USA and MotorStreet can build any custom turntable. Please schedule a ZOOM demo, to learn more.

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HDR for High-End Vehicle Dealerships

NEW: We're thrilled to announce a groundbreaking feature in our new CUSA 360 app: the optional 5-frame with High Dynamic Range HDR bracketing feature. This advanced option is specifically designed for dealers of ultra-expensive classic cars, trucks, and exotic vehicles, providing unmatched color fidelity. Exclusively available through MotorStreet, this feature enhances your ability to showcase 360 vehicle spins in HDR, making your 3D car spins literally jump right off your VDPs.

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Our new CUSA 360 web app replaces the old Carousel USA app and Iconasys Shutter Stream software. The CUSA 360™ app now offers full control and automation for any Carousel USA turntable.

Features include:
Precise start-stop turntable movementd
HDR bracketing module for cars, or any object
SDigital Asset Manager for all your 360 object spins
Custom URLs for your 360 objects
Download area for your online digital reseller
Pairs with LightRoom Classic

Syndication with HomeNet Auto

MotorStreet 360 partnered with Homenet Automotive for syndication of your new or used vehicle inventory and engaging ads to be displayed across the world's most popular automotive sites. Contact us for more details.

Syndication with HomeNet Auto

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No Car Studio? Big Trucks to Sell? No Problem.

We pioneered a fast and easy way for you to walk around any car, bulldozer or an RV and capture 360 spins with your iPhone or Android. No car spin app is needed.

Let us teach you how to shoot big trucks, trailers, and heavy equipment with MotorStreet.

Use any iPhone / Android
Use the DJI OSMO Stabilizer
Shoot a video while walking around the exterior
Shoot interiors with our Insta360 One RS Camera Kit
Log into the MotorStreet platform
Upload exterior video to create a 360 spin
Upload interior 360 view(s)
Publish, and you’re done!


MotorStreet®'s parent company, VPiX® was named 214th BEST company in America in 2019.

Dealer.com Integrator

If your dealer website is powered by Dealer.com, we can automate your MotorStreet 360 inventory right into your VDP.


MotorStreet 360 offers customized AR/VR apps and an innovative 360-visual CRM system that will let you "step on the gas," and automate your entire sales process.

Customized Car Studios
& Protected Territories Available

Ask us about custom solutions including white label options, multiple locations and investment opportunities.