About MotorStreet 360

MotorStreet® has the best vehicle photo studios. Period.

Since 2009, MotorStreet has been designing, building and supporting custom photo studio booths. Carousel USA's model SSV55 is the most popular vehicle turntable used by Apple, BMW, CarMax, Chrysler-Dodge, Ford, Lexus, Mazda, Toyota and Volkswagen dealerships.

100% American Made

MotorStreet vehicle photo booths are powered by the Carousel USA vehicle turntable. They are built in California and with American steel. Vehicle turntables come in custom top surface colors and are designed to last for years. They are backed by a 5-year warranty. Stock turntables can rotate vehicles up to 10,000 lb. load capacity. We offer custom in-ground turntables that can spin buses, RVs and heave construction equipment.

360 Car Cameras / Vehicle Turntables

11 years later, MotorStreet now provides automobile dealers, trucking companies and heavy construction companies with 360 cameras, 360 walk around software, car turntables, 360 merchandising software, DMS integration and training/support to help car dealers compete against CARVANA and VROOM. Step into the picture, with MotorStreet. To learn more, schedule a 30-minute consultation.

The Original VR "HEMI" Engine

MotorStreet 360 uses our patent-pending VPiX® VR engine to drive customers to your dealership. Only MotorStreet lets you deliver a warm "step inside our dealership" virtual welcome. Prospects can step inside your customer showroom and see a flying walk-through of your parts department or service bays. Hand a VR headset to your best sales guys and watch your sales go through the roof.

Perfect for Exotic & Luxury Cars

For your luxury and exotic used inventory, you let customers step inside and see what it's like behind the steering wheel. You can insert floating navigation buttons linked to the Carfax or how about a"schedule a test drive," button linked to a form?

NEW: The MotorStreet 360° ViOSK

NEW: The MotorStreet 360° ViOSK

Thanks to our partnership, luxury auto dealers can get the MotorStreet 360 touch-screen ViOSK. It's a great way to let your customers browse your same 360 vehicle inventory. We also offer a Samsung flat-panel multi-touch option that you can hang on your showroom wall. Ask us for details.

Syndication with HomeNet Auto

MotorStreet 360 partnered with Homenet Automotive for syndication of your new or used vehicle inventory and engaging ads to be displayed across the world's most popular automotive sites. Contact us for more details.

Syndication with HomeNet Auto

Test Drive MotorStreet 360 Today

Learn more about MotorStreet by contacting us today for a free, no-obligation test drive. We have MotorStreet sales teams available nationally and internationally.


No Car Studio? Big Trucks to Sell? No Problem.

We pioneered a fast and easy way for you to walk around any car, bulldozer or an RV and capture 360 spins with your iPhone or Android. No car spin app is needed.

Let us teach you how to shoot big trucks, trailers, and heavy equipment with MotorStreet.

Use any iPhone / Android
Use the DJI OSMO Stabilizer
Shoot a video while walking around the exterior
Shoot interiors with our Insta360 One RS Camera Kit
Log into the MotorStreet platform
Upload exterior video to create a 360 spin
Upload interior 360 view(s)
Publish, and you’re done!


MotorStreet®'s parent company, VPiX® was named 214th BEST company in America in 2019.

Dealer.com Integrator

If your dealer website is powered by Dealer.com, we can automate your MotorStreet 360 inventory right into your VDP.


MotorStreet 360 offers customized AR/VR apps and an innovative 360-visual CRM system that will let you "step on the gas," and automate your entire sales process.

Customized Car Studios
& Protected Territories Available

Ask us about custom solutions including white label options, multiple locations and investment opportunities.