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Professional Car Photography

MotorStreet offers car studios with the best-selling Carousel USA model 55 turntable, professional lighting systems and bundled with our 360 car spin software servers and VDP automation. For lot managers and smaller dealers, we offer “in-the-parking lot” 360 walk-around photo capture systems with our new MotorStreet 2.5 platform complete with an iOS app for iPhone and iPads.


Entrepreneur Magazine ranked VPiX as one of America's Best Companies in 2019 based on several criteria; Most innovative products and the highest customer satisfaction rates among other companies in the VR space.

Carousel Studio


95% of all car buyers start their search online. A car studio photo booth with daylight balanced lights and a Carousel vehicle turntable will produce professional and consistent car photos and 360 car spins.
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MotorStreet is now offering turnkey 360 studios with a protected license. An ideal business to offer to local car dealers that need 360 car spins of their used inventory.
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Step Inside. Get Behind the Wheel.

For the first time, car dealers can shoot the inside of cars, trucks and exotic sportscars with our VPiX 4-shot 360° camera -- or with an all in one 360° model that shoots and stitches the panorama inside the camera!
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