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Step inside and look at a few of our automated 360 capture studios
see an actual 360 car studio

Step inside and look at a few of our automated 360 capture studios

Explore our selection of professional vehicle turntables and custom car studio booths in our virtual tours of car dealer showrooms. Featuring the advanced Carousel USA vehicle turntable and heavy-duty commercial turntables, our solutions are ideal for both automotive displays and the heavy construction industries. Discover how our custom-built vehicle displays and rotating vehicle platforms can speed up sales five times faster.

Below are our NEW v3D [metaverse-ready] VR virtual studios.

Mark Wahlberg Airstream hired us to build out their VR Airstream studio. On the right, you can see a VR spin of the Ford F150 Raptor models.

Example 360 Car Spins for *Buy Here Pay Here* (BHPH) Dealers

For small car dealers, we offer a complete 360 camera capture kit that uses your iPhone or Android, and an HDR 360 interior capture camera.

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Car Showroom 360 Virtual Tours

Ideal for any size car showroom, you can take the 360° camera and shoot your customer showroom and let car buyers jump behind the wheel.

MotorStreet upgrades for 360 Booth

Do you offer a 360 Booth? MotorStreet provides advanced options for creating 360 spin videos, along with automated tools to expedite the merchandising process for ATVs, cars, motorcycles, trucks, and water sports vehicles.

Car Dealership 360 Tours

Use the 360 camera with your MotorStreet kit and capture your parking lot, dealer showroom or service department. Every car dealership gets a free, fully interactive virtual reality walk through that you can put on your website, or social media post.

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Industrial Turntable Customers

Carousel USA is the only turntable manufacturer with a proven track record of designing, engineering and installing large, industrial pit-mounted turntables for aircraft, big trucks, heavy construction equipment, military vehicles, RVs and yachts.

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